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Norwich Christians take part in London climate protest 

Two Norwich Christian climate activists have been taking part in the on-going climate change protests taking place in locations around London. Keith Morris reports.

Jim and Sue Green, who attend St Francis church on the Heartsease estate, are part of the Christian Climate Action group and helped to establish the protest site at Marble Arch in London this week.
Jim said: “On Monday we gathered at Marble Arch, and when the truck which became the stage and roadblock arrived we surrounded it with our banners, bodies and hymn singing while some of our group locked themselves together underneath it. Once that was achieved we joined in the other activities of the protest, manning road blocks, talking to onlookers.
“On Tuesday we celebrated an environmental stations of the cross ending up at the Edgeware Road blockade which was very thin before we arrived. One of our number was threatened with arrest, the result of which was the arrival of musicians and a crowd. I found the service very moving, as did another young man, who though being in no way a believer, was very touched by the event.
“On Tuesday night, after responding to a call to the Oxford Circus blockade, including being ready to be arrested, I eventually slept at Parliament Square, along with others of Norwich XR, to maintain possession of the area.
As to why he is taking part, Jim said: “When as a Christian, I seek to follow the author and giver of life, and we face a situation when life on this earth is threatened, how can I not be there and do whatever I feel called to, including arrest?
“How can the church of Christ not be present?  Happily the church is there, not yet, it seems, in great numbers, not to push an agenda, but to serve alongside all those who care for this earth and its inhabitants, sharing what God has given us.  There have been many conversations with people about why we are there, and what our faith means.
“At the same time I feel inspired by what I am part of, a peaceful, non-violent movement with values I wholly endorse, and from whose way of operating we find much to learn from.”
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Pictured above are Jim (fourth from the right)  and Sue Green (fourth from the left) at the Marble Arch protest site.

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