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UCB ask Norfolk churches to join online mission

2013: United Christian Broadcasters have visited Norwich to raise the profile of their evangelistic LookingforGod website and are appealing to Norfolk churches to join them in their mission to reach more people with the Christian message. David Lucas, Looking for God Co-ordinator, reports. 

LookingforGod.com is an evangelistic website that is helping people to discover the life-changing power of Jesus through the internet. Owned and operated by United Christian Broadcasters (UCB), we have had the wonderful opportunity of presenting the gospel to thousands of people, many of whom have made a commitment.
Through a variety of pages we take people through a journey of perhaps ignorance toward God, through to understanding that he loves them, sent Jesus to the earth for them, and that they can make a decision to follow him. I would encourage you to go to the LookingforGod.com website to gain an understanding as to our aims, vision and values.
Throughout the month of May there were almost 5200 people visiting the site of which 284 told us that they had prayed the prayer on the website. We are praying for these people and we hope that they understand the importance of the words that they have prayed.
More than simply allowing people to make recognition of their need of Jesus, we also long for people to join a local church, where they can continue to learn about what it means to be a Christian.
On the website there are just over 500 churches from the UK and Republic of Ireland, and we are looking for more than 1200 to make sure that a potential seeker has a church near to them, including many in Norfolk.
UCB attended the Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk event at the Forum in Norwich in early June to meet local people and engage with local churches and lots of interest was shown.
If you would like your church to become part of this growing database, then please fill in your church’s details by going to www.lookingforGod.com/add-church.
In the near future, we will also be releasing an online discipleship system, where a seeker who is not ready for church can communicate directly with a church leader or another trusted church individual to have their questions answered and to learn more about what it means to be a Christian. We believe that in time this will be a powerful tool in getting people to attend a church as the seeker communicates and forms a relationship with the local church contact.
If you would potentially like your church to be part of the discipleship system or have any other questions regarding Looking for God, then please feel free to send an email to lookingforgod@ucb.co.uk
Please also pray for the LookingforGod.com project as it continues to receive questions and details of commitments from members of the public. 

Pictured above is David Lucas at Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk in the Forum.

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