Norwich FGB will meet via Zoom until new year 

The Norwich FGB branch has decided to discontinue dinner meetings until the end of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, they are currently putting together next year’s programme and are continuing to meet informally on Zoom.

Branch president, Barrie Lawrence, said: "We believe our programme for 2021 should include local speakers in addition to those from further afield; young men with enthusiasm and older men with more experience; men with amazing stories of alcohol, drugs, crime, prison, etc. as well as those with less dramatic backgrounds. Such a programme enables a variety of guests to identify better with some of the speakers. "We ask our friends and supporters to pray that we might do this ‘in the Spirit’ and that we get it right."
Meanwhile Norwich members are currently meeting on Zoom on Saturday evenings and often find themselves being joined by others from Kent, Milton Keynes - even India.

"We would love you to join us too," says Barrie. "Come and go as you like. And in the meantime - stay blessed, stay safe, and keep washing your hands."

Zoom details from Kit Brinkley at 

Pictured above, Norwich FGB plan to resume dinners in the new year.


Published: 09/09/2020